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LA Fitness is actually a health and fitness club chain that has locations throughout the usa and Canada. This company has been viewed as a strong competitor in the industry

since its introduction, especially because of its differentiation strategy. While LA Fitness store hours has been doing well on their own during their last thirty years in operation, there are some changes that might be made so that you can establish a sustainable competitive advantage. The advice I have for LA Fitness are:

1) have longer hours of operation,

2) communicate company decisions and just how they help the consumer,

3) train associates on customer service,

4) develop a new marketing campaign,

5) expand further in the US and Canada, and 6) adjust proportions of company debt. These changes will allow LA Fitness to produce and sustain a competitive advantage inside the health and wellness industry.

About LA Fitness – LA Fitness is actually a differentiator inside the health and wellness industry. They may have over six hundred locations, each of which are nearly identical because they are not franchised (Wells, 2016). “LA Fitness features diverse sports club amenities, typically including cardio & strength equipment, fitness, indoor cycling, group exercise classes, pool, spa, basketball courts & racquetball,” (LA Fitness, 2018). LA Fitness has had the greatest revenues amongst larger fitness clubs for the past 4 years and continues to grow (Wells, 2016).

Stakeholders are anyone who has an interest in the performance from the company, often as it will impact them in some way (typically financially). LA Fitness has both internal and external stakeholders. The most important internal stakeholders would be the employees along with the board members. LA Fitness employs a total of twenty-four thousand individuals, with fifty at every location (Wells, 2016). There are both full-time and part time employees so many different folks are influenced by the success (or failure) of the company. The board members are another stakeholder which is greatly impacted because of the stake within the company. These members are noted as having significant investments in the company, nevertheless the official amounts have never been disclosed (Wells, 2016).

There are many external stakeholders which are influenced by the operations of LA Fitness. Included in this are the communities they are located, creditors, partners, and (most notably) customers. The communities that LA Fitness chooses to place its gyms are affected by the jobs the company brings; with each location using a staff of fifty members, multiple health clubs inside an area can produce a positive effect on the economy and folks there. Creditors are impacted whenever they choose to fund LA Fitness within their business ventures; this fitness company

brings them potential profits and interest payments after the investment. LA Fitness has several companies that it has partnered with; for example, they partnered with World Instructor Training Schools to get their chkwqq trainers certified (Wells, 2016). The more business and revenues LA Fitness generates, the greater revenues these partner companies receive too. Finally, the most important stakeholder for this clients are the buyers. The customers allow LA Fitness to continue making profits so that you can sustain and boost their business.

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